Pricing / Options   NOTE: PRICES HAVE CHANGED FOR 2020
LIFE COACHING (Call for Appointment)
Focus Options:
  • Self Improvement: Reclaim Self-Worth, Self-Empowerment, Spiritual Wellness, Personal Growth, Executive/Career Coaching & Personal Fiscal Mastery
  • Family Dynamics & Parenting 
  • Marriage / Committed Relationships
  • Concierge* Service:  A unique partnership with your coach provides you with real-time accessibility for situational advantages.  Ever wish you could contact someone "in the moment"? Now you can!
Prices / Options:
  • Initial Consultation (up to 30 minutes)  ~  $ FREE (phone, video or in office)
  • Standard Session (50-minute hour)  ~  Standard $ 85 p/hr rate (video, onsite or in office)
  • The "Kid Whisperer" Package  ~  $ 375  (call for more info)
  • Elite Concierge Coaching
           Personal Development and Professional Support When & Where YOU Need it Most!
           * Concierge Gold - $395 per month
           Access to your coach Monday - Friday, 9am-6pm; Includes four (4) Standard 
           Sessions per month, texting during access hours, GUARANTEED same-day call-
           back and prioritized scheduling.
             Minimum 2-month commitment required. [DISCONTINUED]
           * Concierge Platinum - $695 per month  
           Personalized & Exclusive by application only AND limited to three (3) clients at any
           time; 9am-6pm access 7 days p/wk via a private/exclusive cell number; 
           Includes 6 Standard Sessions per month, unlimited 24/7 texting, GUARANTEED 
           same-day &/or IMMEDIATE call-back and prioritized scheduling. 
             Minimum 3-month commitment required. [DISCONTINUED]

SEMINARS (Call to Schedule a Series)
Prices / Options:
        Introduction to Parenting the Love & Logic Way®   -  $175 (Call for details)
        Complete Parenting the Love & Logic Way® Series  -  (Call for details)
        6 C.H.A.R.M.S. for a Loving Relationship©  -  (Call for details)
        Communications Essentials©  -  (Call for details)
        Refresher Q & A   -  A 2-hr Question and Answer Session of Any Series  -  $175 
        Executive / Corporate Training  -  Customized and/or Industry Specific Seminars, 
             Workshops or Training Available Upon Request  -  $85 p/hr (Call for details)

        -  Register a minimum of twelve (12) participants committed to attend
        -  Schedule the event with Lucas Seminars 
        -  Provide adequate space and seating to accommodate your group
        -  Provide roster & DEPOSIT to Lucas Seminars two (2) weeks before start date
        -  Allow access to and use of fully functional AV electronics & remotes 
        -  Location must be within 40-mile radius of Chandler, AZ
        -  NOTE:  One to Three-Day Intensives/Retreats available anywhere in continental USA.


Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says, 'I'm possible'! - Audrey Hepburn
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9 Essential Skills Educator Series:
IMPORTANT NOTE:  This curricula is designed so that each module can stand alone so you are not required to schedule the entire series at once.
~Within a 40-mile radius of Chandler AZ
~$95 per full hour on-site
~$15 additional materials cost p/person

Contact us to learn more about Pricing Options! 

Phone: (480) 466-4609


"Somehow my work in Family Dynamics & Parenting resulted in this endearing nickname being used in reference to me by several clients:  
'The Kid Whisperer.'
Spring of 2010, 
AZ Family Channel 3 
invited me to talk about
this on television. The interview resulted in an increased demand for my classes, which in turn led to people asking for more personalized support implementing what they learned in the parenting classes
Those requests inspired The 'Kid Whisperer' Package (see listed under Prices/Options to the right).  This service consists of five (5) hours devoted to enhancing the parent/child dynamic in your home; specifically two 2-hour visits to the home to observe and one Standard Session in my office with just the parents to review my observations and provide that extra bit of coaching that enables them feel better equipped to handle whatever their kids might try. Parents seem to love it and as long as my clients see a benefit, I'll continue to offer this service."
- Ruth Lucas, MPsy, Lucas Seminars