"My husband and I had fallen into a ‘good cop/bad cop’ parenting routine, which was creating a lot of conflict between us.  He was concerned that the children were not respecting us and wanted to administer strict discipline.  I was concerned that his approach was harsh and would damage our relationship with them.  One of the most powerful things about this course was that is provided a middle ground for our parenting styles.  Now, I feel the compassion and empathy is there that I feared would be missing, and he sees the structure and discipline which are a result of the logical approach.  Since completing the course, he and I have felt more unified and connected in our parenting, and have already seen the benefits with our kids.  Our stress level has significantly decreased!"     

― Denise, children ages 8 and 13 

"I have been praying for a while about being a better parent and one that reflects Christ in my heart.  My prayers were answered when I attended the Love and Logic Parenting course facilitated by Ruth Lucas ... Parenting can be very challenging at times and this class gave me the practical yet scriptural tools in which to parent better, but also maintain the level of love needed ...  I have applied the tools I learned and see such a big change in myself as a parent and also how my kids respond to me.  I have already talked to several people that I know in church and they have expressed an interest in taking the class when it is offered again.  My husband was not able to attend the class but when it is offered again he wants to sign up for it.  I want to thank Ruth ... for her time and effort regarding the Love & Logic Parenting class.  It was absolutely fantastic and one of the best things I have done.  Thank you so much."

― Catherine, children ages 6 and 8 

" I was first introduced to Love and Logic by Ruth when she wanted to bring the program to our church. I am so grateful for her passion for Christ and for serving families because we now have this extraordinary program to offer our parents. Ruth was among the first to teach the course at Chandler Christian Church and the response we received was astounding. The quality of her instruction coupled with her personal experience raising her son on the Bible and Love and Logic makes her a powerful teacher and mentor."

― Jennifer Miller, MA, LPC, children ages 1 and 3

​"I met Ruth a few years ago during a parenting class and subsequently at a time where I was dealing with a lot of resentment and regret in my marriage.  God used her godly counsel and life experience to help me become a healthier wife and better mother.  She is able to empathize so well due to her wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained from personal struggles.  My life truly changed after coming in contact with her.  I thank God for bringing her into my life!"

- O.M., RN
“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” - Booker T. Washington
"Ruth is an amazing life coach.  Her wisdom, experience and ability to see problems helped me work through my marirtal issues.  Ruth's knowledge of scripture and the application of God's Word gave me the strength I needed to be a productive partner in a lifelong relationship.  I believe anyone who is sincerely looking for spiritual, marital and relational growth will find her advice to be invaluable."

- S.B., Artist

“"The Love and Logic class that Ruth Lucas led was very fun and practical. We learned not only what to do with our kids but how to do it with love. I would definitely recommend all parents to take this class because we all need encouragement, direction, to laugh and learn about this great responsibility God has given us. Ruth definitely equipped us to do that. I would not hesitate to send any parent to her class." 

 - Matt, Pastor, children ages 3 and 5 

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"I am so thankful that God led me to Ruth Lucas and Lucas Seminars.  There is no doubt that Ms. Lucas possesses a vast education and training in her field, and by applying her in-depth Biblical knowledge, interpretation, and wisdom, Ms. Lucas is helping and teaching me to discover true healing in my mind, soul, and most importantly, my spirit.  In addition, Ms. Lucas brings grace, empathy, warmth, love, and personal experience into her life-coaching sessions, creating a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere for healing and resotration.  I highly recommend Lucas Seminars to anyone who really wants to learn how to take charge of their own lives and be blessing to others as well."

- Tara, married 20 years